Do you notice billboards?

Probably not, right? Some say that billboards are not very effective. However, their effectiveness depends on the type of businesses that use them. The next time you’re driving around, take notice at how many times you actually look and read a billboard. You probably notice more than you may think. These businesses understand the value in brand awareness.

Multiple studies show that mobile billboards (vehicle wraps) are more effective than billboards (and at a fraction of the overall cost). Strategically wrapping your vehicle could have an effect on your overall brand awareness as well as your bottom line.


Why vehicle wraps work.

Depending on your business, wraps are a great way to increase your brand awareness (the amount of people that recognize you). Most businesses benefit from the increased awareness that vehicle wraps bring, however, there are several industries in which mobile billboards can have a major impact on sales.

Either full or partial vehicle wraps provide great opportunities for businesses providing service calls, catering, and trade businesses (ie: landscape, construction, roofing, etc.) to quickly and easily promote themselves all over the city. Wraps are a 24/7 advertising tool that continues marketing your business even when you’re not at work. Wrap advertising consistently ranks as the highest dollar for dollar returns in advertising costs.

Think about how many people could see your vehicle while parked at a job site or while getting materials. It’s more than just a few. Repetition is everything when working to get the phone to ring. The more your potential customers see your business, the easier it becomes for them to remember you when they need your product or service.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a design that is printed onto a vinyl material that is then applied to the vehicle. The amount of coverage varies and can range from a side panel to a full vehicle makeover. The vinyl is flexible when applied and molded to fit the shape of the vehicle. It leaves little residue and is less work then a paint job, so you can keep your design up to date or can change if necessary. Vinyl wraps are heavy duty, can last up to five years, and are ideal for long term advertising or short term event promotions.

Wraps can be used on just about any mode of transportation, including: trucks, vans, buses, boats, motorcycles, utility vehicles, tractors and trailers – basically anything that moves.


Tips to creating a strategic vehicle wrap.

It’s important wraps accurately reflect your brand and clearly state what your business does. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle wrap that was a jumbled mess of too much information and too many graphics, you understand the importance of good graphic design for a wrap. Here are four tips to keep in mind when creating your vehicle wrap.

  • Define your goals - Define your goals with the wrap and how you will measure it’s effectiveness.
  • Deliver a clear message to viewers - It’s important to understand your audience. Who uses your products/services? Why do they use them? What challenge/problem does your product/service fix? Answering questions like these will help you narrow down the direct message for your warp.
  • Don’t overlook corporate guidelines - Many franchise companies have strict brand standards or corporate guidelines regarding the colors, fonts, and imagery that can be used in their materials. These guidelines will often dictate the proper placement of logos and other design elements. It is also important to make sure that any messages or images you use do not infringe on anyone else’s copyrights.
  • Remember the 5 second rule - Most people viewing your wrap will not give it more than a few seconds of attention. Additionally, a vehicle traveling on the highway may have even less time than that. The more information you put on a vehicle wrap, the longer it takes to get its message across, so keep the design clean and get to the point.




Creative Inc is lead by Shawn Borga, a 15 year veteran in the visual brand industry. Creative Inc is a leader in helping businesses strategically display their brands by utilizing creating custom signage, vehicle wraps, interior and exterior wall wraps, interior signage and unique, tradeshow displays.  You can learn more about Creative Inc by visiting their website, following them on Facebook or Twitter or even connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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