Ever heard of pole banners? Probably not by name, but you’ve seen them around town – especially on Purdue’s campus and even on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. They are the banners flying high atop light poles and other fixtures.

How pole banners can attract your next client.

Almost every business has lamp posts or some other type of higher structure on their property that is near traffic flow. Use this traffic flow to bring in new customers, especially walk-ins. Pole banners are great for retail and housing locations wanting to drive traffic because they are easily noticed by drivers but not intrusive. Plus, they usually cost less than more traditional types of outdoor banners and have fewer city and county regulations.

One of the best benefits of pole banners is the ability to quickly and easily change out their design. If you work from a strategic marketing plan (which you should) it would be easy to create a rotation of promotional banners that drive traffic through your doors.  Additionally, pole banners are made out of a durable material that will last up to a year of outdoor exposure.

Tips for creating a pole banner.

Pole banners can be a creative and effective piece of your advertising plan, if utilized strategically. Here are  a few tips when creating a design for your next pole banner campaign.

  1. Utilize a background color that doesn’t blend into its surroundings but continues to follow your visual brand identity.
  2. Keep the design very simple. Remember, your drivers must be able to comprehend the message fairly quickly. 50% Off and your logo goes a long way in marketing to your customers.
  3. Be sure the message is something that your customers want. Example: First Month Free and your logo provides enough information to customers for them to take the next step….to walk-in or call regarding your housing complex.
  4. Be smart about your messaging. If your pole banner can be seen from a stop light, try a display message such as 30% Off Coupon: Text 5535* with your logo (depending on the size of the banner.)

As you can see, the sky is really the limit when you utilize pole banners to create unique messaging and signage.


Creative Inc is lead by Shawn Borga, a 15 year veteran in the visual brand industry. Creative Inc is a leader in helping businesses strategically display their brands by utilizing creating custom signage, vehicle wraps, interior and exterior wall wraps, interior signage and unique, tradeshow displays.  You can learn more about Creative Inc by visiting their website, following them on Facebook or Twitter or even connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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