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trade_show_marketingWe know, we know. Everyone says they hate tradeshows! However, tradeshows offer an opportunity for business owners to connect with other competitors and forge new relationships and engage with prospective customers. Unlike traditional advertising, a tradeshow puts you face to face with buyers and sellers and paves the way for future partnerships to develop and for you to further cultivate your business reach.

First impressions are everything, right? The conversations and ability to interact with other industry professionals and prospective customers face to face is invaluable and worth your business’ resources. Tradeshows offer a chance to get your name out there and have it passed on by others after the event.

However, keep in mind that having a successful tradeshow experience requires preparation and some investment on your part. Your display is part of your exhibit and should be strategically developed so that it works for you and not against you.

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Ever heard of pole banners? Probably not by name, but you’ve seen them around town – especially on Purdue’s campus and even on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. They are the banners flying high atop light poles and other fixtures.

How pole banners can attract your next client.

Almost every business has lamp posts or some other type of higher structure on their property that is near traffic flow. Use this traffic flow to bring in new customers, especially walk-ins. Pole banners are great for retail and housing locations wanting to drive traffic because they are easily noticed by drivers but not intrusive. Plus, they usually cost less than more traditional types of outdoor banners and have fewer city and county regulations.

One of the best benefits of pole banners is the ability to quickly and easily change out their design. If you work from a strategic marketing plan (which you should) it would be easy to create a rotation of promotional banners that drive traffic through your doors.  Additionally, pole banners are made out of a durable material that will last up to a year of outdoor exposure.

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