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You have less than 8 seconds to make an impression.

Outdoor advertising, whether it’s a sign, pole banner, or vehicle wrap, has only seconds to make an impression on potential consumers. That’s not a lot of time to share your message and important business information. The trick is to share your information, in a way that doesn’t seem too crowded or hard to read.

creative_six_825x617This month, our blog shares some tips on how to bring a creative element to your advertising to make sure your business gets noticed and remembered.

Your Message

  • Make it short – You need to have a focused message that your audience can quickly see and understand. You don’t have time to share multiple messages, and may only serve to confuse your audience. Your challenge is to keep your copy to just seven words. We know, we didn’t say this stuff was going to be easy.
  • Keep it simple- Decide what type of message you want to share, and stick to it. Are you sharing your brand, an offer, an announcement, or drawing attention to your business? What is the most important aspect that you want to share? Those are all great reasons for outdoor signage, but make sure you don’t mix messages because that makes the sign busy and hard to read.
  • Be aware of your font – The size, font type, and color all matter. Make sure it is easy to read, especially at a distance. The color contrast and letter size are factors that influence visibility and accessibility to people passing by in cars.

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We know how easy it is to simply pick your favorite color and move forward with your design project. Because, after all, you’re happy with the way it “looks” and there are other things to consider; such as photos, content, layout, and the actual development. But, today we’re here to caution you on that mindset and give a little background on why color is important and deserves your undivided attention.


Why is color important?

Color carries emotional resonance with it- in that, when we see a color, we have an emotional response towards that color. Blue can be sad, calm, and confident while yellow is happy, light, and cautionary. We naturally associate colors with emotions because it is hard to put words to what we are feeling.

Colors connect to our feelings in a unique and memorable way, which makes them a powerful marketing tool to keep in mind for your design projects. The colors in your design need to be purposeful and have meaning in their use. You want to discern what message you want to share about your upcoming event, business, or product and make sure your color choices reflect that. It’s also important to keep in mind the print medium and size and how it will be perceived by the passing audience and what can draw their attention. Particularly, in large format print projects, color matters because that is what will draw the eye and be the first line of communication.

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Do you notice billboards?

Probably not, right? Some say that billboards are not very effective. However, their effectiveness depends on the type of businesses that use them. The next time you’re driving around, take notice at how many times you actually look and read a billboard. You probably notice more than you may think. These businesses understand the value in brand awareness.

Multiple studies show that mobile billboards (vehicle wraps) are more effective than billboards (and at a fraction of the overall cost). Strategically wrapping your vehicle could have an effect on your overall brand awareness as well as your bottom line.


Why vehicle wraps work.

Depending on your business, wraps are a great way to increase your brand awareness (the amount of people that recognize you). Most businesses benefit from the increased awareness that vehicle wraps bring, however, there are several industries in which mobile billboards can have a major impact on sales.

Either full or partial vehicle wraps provide great opportunities for businesses providing service calls, catering, and trade businesses (ie: landscape, construction, roofing, etc.) to quickly and easily promote themselves all over the city. Wraps are a 24/7 advertising tool that continues marketing your business even when you’re not at work. Wrap advertising consistently ranks as the highest dollar for dollar returns in advertising costs.

Think about how many people could see your vehicle while parked at a job site or while getting materials. It’s more than just a few. Repetition is everything when working to get the phone to ring. The more your potential customers see your business, the easier it becomes for them to remember you when they need your product or service.

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