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You have less than 8 seconds to make an impression.

Outdoor advertising, whether it’s a sign, pole banner, or vehicle wrap, has only seconds to make an impression on potential consumers. That’s not a lot of time to share your message and important business information. The trick is to share your information, in a way that doesn’t seem too crowded or hard to read.

creative_six_825x617This month, our blog shares some tips on how to bring a creative element to your advertising to make sure your business gets noticed and remembered.

Your Message

  • Make it short – You need to have a focused message that your audience can quickly see and understand. You don’t have time to share multiple messages, and may only serve to confuse your audience. Your challenge is to keep your copy to just seven words. We know, we didn’t say this stuff was going to be easy.
  • Keep it simple- Decide what type of message you want to share, and stick to it. Are you sharing your brand, an offer, an announcement, or drawing attention to your business? What is the most important aspect that you want to share? Those are all great reasons for outdoor signage, but make sure you don’t mix messages because that makes the sign busy and hard to read.
  • Be aware of your font – The size, font type, and color all matter. Make sure it is easy to read, especially at a distance. The color contrast and letter size are factors that influence visibility and accessibility to people passing by in cars.

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